HERO – “helo”

HERO (1994)

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HERO was a progressive rock band I co-founded with Lee Calderon back in late 1994. We all came from progressive rock roots and we were trying to bridge the gap with a more mainstream, accessible sound.

I played guitar and keyboards on these recordings.

HERO – “helo” was recorded in a garage back 1994 on an 8-track reel-to-reel tape machine (Fostex R8). This was before computer recording. I remember we had rented a whole bunch of outboard FX and we had to repeatedly practice the mix down due to all the production candy we wanted in the songs and all the fader and pan adjustments that had to be made in real-time. All the backup vocals had to be done first so they could be bounced down to one track. Imagine that kids!

Keith Leedham – Lead Vocal
Rob Kosinski – Guitar/Keyboards
Glen Wyeth – Bass
Lee Calderon – Drums

We later added Steve Lamagna on guitar and I moved over to keyboards exclusively for live performances.