RUSH Replay… replay.

Anyone that really knows me knows that I’m a huge RUSH fan. I started playing music because of RUSH.

So I was perusing the RUSH concert DVD offerings on Amazon tonight looking for anything I might not already own and I came across Rush Replay X3. It’s a multi-disc set including the tours “Exit Stage Left,” “Grace Under Pressure” and “A Show of Hands” from the 1980s.

I’m thinking, “Why have I not heard of this before?” So I add it to my cart.

Before I check out I head over to the “shrine shelf” to see what else I’ve got (thinking maybe I’ll shop some more before I check out) and guess what I find? I already have it! …HAVE had it for a few years. Still in the plastic — never been watched.

I had to LOL. 😀

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  1. I got it years ago when it was released.
    The fun part of these DVDs is that Alex went in and produced them.
    The VHS tapes were produced by Geddy.

    Alex likes to leave in the flubs and imperfections, where as Ged does not. There are parts of the DVD which had me ecstatic because it was like a brand new concert, because of missed queues and blown notes.

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