Rob_FishhawkWell known in Tampa’s local music scene, Rob Kosinski’s voice is very strong with a warm, rich quality that lends itself well to pop, rock and ballad alike.  Between his solo, duo, and full band schedule, Rob averages over 150 shows per year spanning many genres including classic/hard rock, alternative rock, powerpop, metal, pop-punk, progressive and post-grunge.

Born in the northeast United States, Rob’s musical origins started in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts, under the heavy influence of progressive rock bands like RUSH, Kansas and Styx. Moving to Tampa in 1991, he entered the music scene with the all-original, progressive band HERO. Rob then moved on to develop Idiot Symphony, which remains a work-in-progress. Between 2001 and the present, he fronted various local cover bands while stopping along the way to spend two years as bassist for national recording artists and “official party band of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers”, Betty’s Not a Vitamin. Rob performed on six tracks of the band’s debut CD. During this time Rob also did a stint as the Music Director for Next Level T.V., supplying original music for the show’s main theme and half a dozen complete episodes.