Traveler’s Tales

Written by: Rob Kosinski

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– For the first time in the collective history of their memories, another being… a human being, was there with the three of them and they discussed many things.

They had allowed him to approach because they had a great interest in this man. Through a selfless act of sacrifice, he had guaranteed the continuation of their existence and introduced them to a concept that evolution had not yet taught them … Compassion.

They were rightly curious.


Recorded in my first apartment bedroom on a Fostex R8 reel-to-reel 8-track, Traveler’s Tales was my first effort at a semi-pro sounding recording. For each song I had to reserve one track for “sync tone” that would drive my sequencer, a Roland MC-50 MKII Micro Composer. This allowed me to keep keyboards and drums off the tape, leaving me seven tracks for guitar, bass and vocals. You had to plan ahead back in those days. If you wanted a big gang vocal or complex harmonies you either had to get people together and do them live, or record them FIRST in order to bounce them down to a single track before moving on to the rest of the song. When using magnetic tape if you had to bounce more than once or twice the noise floor would come way up and the sound quality would start to get very poor.


Produced by Rob Kosinski & Keith Leedham
Engineered by Rob Kosinski

All songs by Rob Kosinski ©1997 Rob Kosinski BMI
Recorded and mixed at EndeavorSound

Special thanks to: Heather, Steve Lamagna, Keith Leedham and his awesome tech skills, HERO, Bobo, Assistant Moose (Vermin Sachmo), Bubba Criskin, The MacOS, the “we suck” team at Seminole Music, and “Old Blue” for years of faithful service.

“Enjoy yourself, while you’re still in the pink.”

This album is dedicated to old hats, past lives, and forgotten friends.

Rob Kosinski – All instruments and vocals
Steve Lamagna – Guitar solos on “Awhile (The Bridge)” and “Sweet Lady.”

“Traveler’s Tales” is currently digitally available for purchase and streaming on iTunes/Apple MusicGooglePlay, Amazon, Spotify and CDBaby, but look for it on what ever music service you prefer.

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