Keith Leedham – Lessons from the Third End

Download FREE! – “Lessons from the Third End” by Keith Leedham is a compilation of two prior releases, Lessons Learned (1998) and The Third End (2000). Although Keith does the heavy lifting on vocals, all...

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HERO – “helo”

HERO was a progressive rock band I co-founded with Lee Calderon back in late 1994. We all came from progressive rock roots and we were trying to bridge the gap with a more mainstream, accessible sound. I played guitar and...

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Uphoria – “Techno-gressive”

Download FREE! – A progressive rock band from 1987. We labeled ourselves “techno-gressive.” Not sure why… but it was the 80s man! I hesitated to post this because my guitar sounds just God-awful. No it REALLY...

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After Image – “Position High”

Download FREE! – From 1983 to 1985 I played bass, keyboards and sang lead vocals for After Image. We were starry-eyed kids who actually intended to grow up and become RUSH. “Position High” was one of the...

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