Christmas Day Karaoke with Lee Calderon 1993

On January 26, 2018 one of my oldest friends, Lee Calderon, passed away. I met Lee in 1982 when we formed our first band together, “After Image”. While not specifically a RUSH tribute, our setlist was 90% RUSH songs. Lee and I were “on again, off again” best friends for 36 years.

As I began to comb through the hundreds of photographs and the dozens of hours of video that chronicle our years of friendship, musicianship, and celebrations of life, I came across this video on a VHS tape of us performing “More Than Words” by Extreme at a karaoke bar on Christmas Day back in 1993.

Upon viewing this long forgotten video, I’ve started to feel something other than anger over his death… he’s actually gone. Until now it hasn’t seemed real. Some days I’m still not sure it is.

While I’ve got something bigger in the works regarding all of this, I wanted to share this particular moment today.

Love you brother.

Lee Calderon • MARCH 21, 1968 ~ JANUARY 26, 2018

The Lee Calderon Life Extravaganza Part 2: A Spirit With A Mission

Some of the major projects we were involved in together over the years:
After ImageUphoriaHEROBLASTThe Rob K Band (RKB)


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