A Very Maddy Christmas (single)

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“A Very Maddy Christmas” is a modern, Christmas-inspired melody performed in a classic holiday style.

I’d been kicking around the main melody for “A Very Maddy Christmas” for about two years when I was approached by Steve Olivas to create some music for the Christmas episode of his weekly podcast called “The Commute“.

In my head I’d envisioned it as sort of a Guaraldi-esque, “A Charlie Brown Christmas” type of piece. Jazz is not really one of my strong suits. If time had not been a factor, perhaps I’d have outsourced the piano part (at the very least) to a REAL jazz pianist. Ultimately I think I was able to pull off the vibe well enough… and get it done in time to be used in the show.

Contemporary jazz musician, composer, and recording artist Phil Traynor calls it,

“Uplifting, hopeful, chilly, but in that way where you’re sitting by the fire with cocoa LOOKING at the chilly night.”

“A Very Maddy Christmas” is currently available for purchase and streaming on iTunes/Apple MusicGooglePlayAmazonSpotify and CDBaby, but it will soon be available everywhere.

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