Keith Leedham – The Fall of Rome

Written by: Keith Leedham

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“The Fall of Rome” is a five song concept EP that follows the thoughts and actions of John, a radio talk show host and citizen of a society at a crossroads. It chronicles John’s fight against a prevailing tide of collectivism championed by The New Authority. John tries to explain to his listeners the dangers of what The New Authority is doing through historical examples.

Read the story behind Keith Leedham’s – The Fall of Rome.


Keith Leedham – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keys, Percussion, Sound Effects
Stefan Molynuex – Spoken Part of John
Rob Kosinski – Guitars, Piano, Drums (see below for details)
      1. Prelude – Piano
      2. Enough – Drums
      3. The Weight of the World – Drums, guitar solo
      4. Confiscate – Drums, guitar solo
      5. The Fall of Rome – Drums, guitar leads, guitar solo, piano

Recorded at Two Creeks Recording, Lebanon, TN and Endeavor Sound, Largo, FL.
Produced By Keith Leedham and Rob Kosinski. Mastered By Rob Kosinski.

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