Phil Traynor – Still Life

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In early 2014, friend and jazz artist Phil Traynor asked me if I’d be interested in performing some guitar on “Door to Babylon”, one of the tracks for his upcoming album “Still Life“. We’d talked off and on over many years about doing something together at some point. While I don’t know if this exactly qualifies (Phil handed me a completed piece to put some kind of leads on), it was definitely a learning experience for me.

Let’s face it, I’m not a jazz/fusion guy by any stretch, and for months I lamented, brooded over… DREADED having to fulfill this obligation, believing there was no way I was going to live up to even my own expectations. Finally, in early October, Phil emailed me that “…the album is going to press at the end of the month with or without your leads”, so my butt was in the fire now.

I’m the kind of person who’s never totally happy with anything I create, so I tend to not turn in my assignments until the last possible minute. Ultimately, I got my track in and it wasn’t horrible… or so I am led to believe.

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