RUSH Acoustic Covers

If you know me at all, you know I LOVE RUSH! They are the reason I became a musician. I’ve recently decided to start learning/modifying RUSH songs to play at my acoustic solo shows. Below are a few I’ve already worked up (Yeah my “Broon’s Bane” is a little weak… maybe I’ll re-record it).

These songs are all arranged so it’s possible for me to play them “live” by myself with a guitar, a looper and nothing pre-recorded/looped. Hat’s off to Jacob Moon for his interpretation of Subdivisions which I played here.

Track #5 is my entry (with Keith Leedham) in the Rush 40th Anniversary Cover Contest, which I am also now performing acoustically! 😉


  1. John T.

    Great, GREAT job, Rob! I LOVE it!!!!!!

  2. Elmer Goad

    Very cool!

  3. Roger West

    Excellent Job!
    Great to see a different sound and voice. Obviously I think the original Rush versions are better, but great job!
    This shows that Rush is more melodic then most Rush detractors think!
    Rush is the best band!
    Great job Rob!

  4. Nicely done. Really enjoy the arrangements and vocals

  5. Penny P

    Any chance some of your Rush covers will be available for purchase soon?

    • Sorry but no. Technically, even having them on here as “stream-only” is a copyright violation. I would never be able to sell them without spending money (probably a lot) for licensing fees.

  6. Love these! Huge, longtime Rush fan myself. I mostly play upright acoustic bass these days and (bad) acoustic guitar and am also a huge fan of americana, roots, bluegrass, etc – and have always loved wildly different covers of recognizable songs – so I’ve been working up bluegrass/roots covers of Rush songs. Here’s a link to one I did of Working Man – me playing upright bass, guitar and singing. I will probably re-do it slower, add a couple of instrumental break-outs, maybe an upright bass slap solo and possibly some banjo – but I kinda like it so far:

    • LOL! That’s awesome! Maybe add some instrument breakouts but I wouldn’t slow it down at all. Also I’m kind of missing the I – IV pattern during the refrains… maybe bring that in on the banjo and a harmonium or something? I definitely would like to hear it when it’s done. Sounds like something Les Claypool would do.

  7. doug boudreau

    Wow, tears on MY cheek man. U won that contest, in my heart. It meant a lot to hear those. U know!

  8. Susan Webster

    Hi! Are these tracks available for purchase on CD? If so, how may I order one?
    Thanks- Susan Webster

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