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A spark ignited the universe. It is how every fire that burns begins. It is the impulse that attracts one person to another. It is the energy of life itself. It is how every idea begins before it turns into a tangible thing. The spark of an idea can change everything, inspire the unseen, unheard, and unknown. Everything begins from nothing, but a single spark can blaze forth and light the world, or simply guide us home. 

This album is a collection of sparks. Sometimes the spark was just an interesting idea for a title. Sometimes it was just a simple riff that grew into a melody and flourished, taking on a life of its own. Many were kindled from the conflagrations of others. Inspiration feeds the flames, and something new develops that was not there before and then we just can’t see things the same way ever again. 

Sparks are unpredictable, and I have found it best not to try and understand them. When someone tells me that one of my sparks means something to them, there is no higher praise. It reaffirms to me what I’ve always known… we are sparks for each other. We ignite each others flames.

Thanks for the spark.

Special thanks to: Heather, Ryan, Matt, Rich Kosinski, Keith Leedham, Rick Harris, Max, Tom Poulos, Sasha G, Bobo, Maddy, George Harris, “Big” Tom, Deana and the Boathouse crew, #rushfamily, and the Cazella family.

This album is dedicated to Lee Calderon. I’ll never again be able to show you “this new song I wrote” and have your approval and support. We had our ups and downs over 36 years but in the end, you were always behind my music. RIP.

Recorded and mixed at EndeavorSound – Largo, FL
All instrument and vocal performances by Rob Kosinski
All songs ©2018 Rob Kosinski (BMI) All rights reserved.

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